Rai, the onslaught of Giorgia Meloni: “Free Italy from an intolerant power system”

Wait a few days, Giorgia Meloni. It resolves the controversy over Rai’s appointments and new structures. Here comes the onslaught: “I don’t want to replace one intolerant system of power with another. I want to free Italian culture from an intolerant system of power that you couldn’t work in if you didn’t declare yourself a certain party. I want a plural, merit-based system , that gives space to everyone based on the value they demonstrate and not the card they have in their pocket”.

The Prime Minister takes advantage of the final rally in Catania, to end the electoral campaign for the administrative elections, to claim the government’s choices and the new governance of public television. But also to evaluate the choices of others: “If someone in Rai has to measure himself with merit, decides that he can’t and wants to do something else, it’s not a problem that he tells us”, he says with clear reference some faces notice that they leave from Rai, from Fabio Fazio to Lucia Annunziata. And if “the left is very nervous, it is because it is afraid of losing this system of power”, he adds, stressing that “the left was not a cultural hegemony but one of power”.

Coups that appear at the end of a day in which the prime minister takes stock of government action. In the morning with a speech at the Trento Festival of Economics, in the evening on the Catania stage where, in support of Mayor Enzo Trantino, all the big names of the center-right gather, starting with the two deputy prime ministers Matteo Salvini and Antonio Tajani. The emergency in Emilia Romagna is always in the spotlight, “a locomotive” that “we cannot stop. We will activate the solidarity fund and the European Commission can give us a hand” also “for a flexible use of cohesion funds”, he announces Melons.

In both appointments, the Prime Minister analyzes some key issues of government activity. Speaking of work, he reiterated that “reducing the tax burden by 6 and 7 structural points is necessary”, so “we are going to move forward with the reduction of taxation and the minimum wage is not necessary”. As for the reforms, “we are going to carry them out in this legislature: autonomy will strengthen national cohesion thanks to essential levels of services”, while the presidential reform will guarantee “the stability of the legislature and respect for citizens’ votes”.

Still on the foreign policy front, Meloni recalls “the handshake with Biden”, a “gesture of closeness and human sympathy” that demonstrates that “Italy is credible and respected internationally”, and this year “will grow more than European average, more than France and more than Germany”. And also with Macron “I spoke a lot about many topics. There is also a common interest in immigration”. Precisely on migrants, the prime minister assures: “We are in the worst situation of immigration, but I promise you that in the end I will prevail, finding structural solutions”.

Finally, the Sicilian piazza harangued, briefly announcing a provision on the defense of Made in Italy, the launch of the justice reform and the conclusion of the fiscal one: “It is necessary to combat tax evasion where it is: large companies, banks, not in the small trader who is asked for State protection money just because he has to hunt for income and not evade taxes”.

Source: IL Tempo