Sergio Mattarella recalls the Constitution: the right to work is the right to happiness

Today is the feast of the Republic, which coincides with the 75th anniversary of the entry into force of the Italian Constitution, which in Article 1 recalls that “Italy is a democratic republic founded on work”. And it was precisely about work that President Mattarella spoke in “Poste News”, the newspaper of the Poste Italiane group, recalling how “our Charter indicates the right to work which, seen more closely, is another form of decay of human dignity , made of personal fulfillment and livelihood, on the path to happiness. This is a commitment printed as incipit in our Constitution and taken up again in the first four articles with exceptional clarity and force”.

Work, recalled the president, “is a goal that many young people and many women still lack. It is necessary – continues the Head of State – to link the ongoing transformations of economic models, resulting from technological evolution, with the necessary training to interpret them, to govern in order to assert the primacy of the person over the mere logic of profit or domination”. underlined that “working in a country other than yours must be a choice and an opportunity to further your training. It cannot be a necessary escape. Young people ask to be heard. They are the vital energy that is rapidly being reintroduced into the engine of Italy ». And Article 3 of the Charter precisely assigns to the Republic the task of eliminating the economic and social obstacles that, effectively limiting the freedom and equality of citizens, prevent the full development of the human person and the effective participation of all workers in political life, economic and social organization of the country. “It is – recalled Mattarella – our refusal of a right to happiness”. with all the players are precious to face the issue of work today, for the assertion of legality, opposing all forms of exploitation, ensuring all efforts to increase the safety of working conditions”.

Source: IL Tempo