Pagnoncelli poll, the sensational overtaking: “Balance knocked over”

In the latest Ipsos monthly survey, by Nando Pagnoncelli, a sensational data appears: for the first time, Italia Viva tips the balance of the Third Pole, now exploded without (improbable) surprises, in relation to the former allies of Action. Compared to 30 days ago, in fact, Matteo Renzi’s party rose from 2.2 to 3.4%, thus overtaking that led by Carlo Calenda, which fell from 4.5% to the current 3.1%. A complete pass based on data reported by Freewhich is part of the game for the next European elections scheduled for June 2024.

The former prime minister, among other things the only Italian guest along with his wife Agnese at the royal wedding of the Crown Prince of Jordan Hussein, in an interview with Il Giornale again fired at point-blank range against the Democratic Party and its secretary Elly Schlein : “It works to win the primaries, but – as always – whoever represents the maximalist left is enthusiastic about the curve of the ultras and then loses all the elections, even the condominial ones. The alternative to Meloni will be reformist or it will not be”, says Renzi who sees for the dem “the Greek epilogue”, that is, “the irrelevance of the left. Look what happened yesterday in the European Parliament, with the Democratic Party divided in three over Ukraine: if you have three lines in foreign policy, it means that you are no longer a party. And it will become clearer in the coming months.”

Source: IL Tempo