Check Pnrr, government debunks EU criticism: no instrumental controversies

A long and substantiated eight-point note from the Government to respond to the words of the spokesperson for the European Commission who had raised the need not to weaken the system of controls at the expense of Pnrr funds after Palazzo Chigi had withdrawn preventive controls from the Audit Office . Eric Mamer, the Commission’s main spokesman, had said that “we have an agreement with the Italian authorities on the need for an effective audit and control system, and this is obviously also based on the Italian structures responsible for audit and control; it is up to the Italian business authorities to ensure that these instances can function. And we also work closely with these instances to do our monitoring work.”

In the evening, Palazzo Chigi’s response with “remarks on merit and method” rejecting “an uninformed pre-judgment” by the Commission. “The rules proposed by the Government”, reads the note, “and approved yesterday by the Parliamentary Commission in the Public Administration Decree, do not change what has already been agreed between the European Commission and the Italian Government. of the Pnrr, among the various aspects governs the controls of Pnrr funds by the Court of Auditors: this decree, which represented a specific milestone for the Pnrr and was positively reported by the Commission, was not modified in any way”.

The Government recalls that it shares the fact that “Recovery needs a framework of controls that is adequate and proportionate to its uniqueness and so that expenditure programs are based on efficiency” and “Government action is based on this principle”. The eight points address the various aspects of the story to dispel any doubt about Italy’s will to act with seriousness and determination. In order “not to feed instrumental controversies”, emphasizes Palazzo Chigi.

Source: IL Tempo