Towards new highway regulation: from driving license to life imprisonment to alcohol lock

Life imprisonment for driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, an alcohol lock that prevents you from starting the car if you’re too drunk, as well as a helmet requirement, insurance, license plates and turn signals for scooters and bikes. These are some of the innovations that may soon be introduced in the Highways Regulation. The new Law could come to Parliament in the next few weeks. The news was expected by Infrastructure Minister Matteo Salvini by responding to the question hour in Parliament today, 7 June.

New highway regulation, life sentence for driver’s license

Salvini sets out from a fact: in 2022, “3,120 deaths in road accidents are not befitting of a civilized country”.
The government’s aim is to initiate “a punctual amendment to the law of highways, with a law enabling the organic reform of the new highway law that we will soon bring to the courtroom.”

Among the priorities, the minister explains, “unlike drug users who have a so-called life sentence on their license. alcohol lock this prevents you from starting the car in case of drunkenness. Other measures are being worked out, such as suspending vehicle departures for systematic violations of the Highway Code”.

In particular, the bill being defined would introduce “mandatory alcohol lock-in for those convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol”. This is the device already in use in other European countries, which prevents the car from starting if the alcohol content in the driver’s blood is above zero.

What’s changing for scooters?

In the new highway regulation, a temporary section is devoted to the so-called soft mobility. “Helmet, fuse, license plate and arrow for motorcycles and bicycles,” says Salvini.

Salvini himself cites the case of a boy in the province of Brescia who was struck and killed by a motorcycle on the night between Tuesday and Wednesday.

New speed cameras

News is also coming in for speed cameras, which Salvini warned “should be a way to save lives, not make money”. We are considering a “unique system recognized throughout Italy” to solve the problems of some unapproved devices that require maintenance. “Placing speed cameras near sensitive spots, schools, hospitals, especially dangerous roads is one thing – it’s one thing to install speed cameras that have nothing to do with road safety and saving lives but represent a hidden tax,” says Salvini. about drivers and motorcyclists”.

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Source: Today IT