Senate approves pension reform

All senators of the legislative cell for social affairs were challenged on issues such as being over 35 or because some women are mothers. In this regard, the Minister of the Interior, Luis Fernando Velascoquestioned: “We are dealing with the typical case of a filibuster of someone who does not want to show his face and who tries to Congress don’t make up your mind about these tricks that sound more like a trap than a legal debate to me”.

In addition, the senator Nadia Bel, from the Conservative Party, rejected “the manner in which the session was convened, which prevented the democratic debate that should be given to a transcendental initiative for Colombians. The call received by the congressmen at 11:43 p.m. did not have the signature of the President of the Commission and was carried out when the majority of the parliamentarians were on their territory”.

So too, Senator Honorio Henriquez, from the Democratic Center, indicated: “My party has reached a ‘quorum’ to approve your reforms, so I will not allow it to be said that this reform cannot be discussed by the opposition” and asked “to know if the president has quoted this committee, but she sent us a message at midnight, so I ask that you please show us President Norma Hurtado’s delegation and her signature to convene this session.”

Source: El Heraldo