Mandatory contribution of up to 3 minimum wages in Colpensiones has been approved

in this way Colpensies receives Colombians who earn up to 3 minimum wages, which is the majority. And with that, it goes from about 16 billion pesos to initially about 31 billion and finally about 70 billion in 2052.

The upper house legislative cell for social affairs had previously approved 43 Article without propositions and then another block of 11 articles with agreements: 1, 5, 10, 21, 26, 42, 46, 65, 91, 34 and 56. The initiative has a total of 94 articles and 279 propositions.

Meanwhile, the Speakers Coordinator, Senator Norma Hurtado, warned that despite the approval of the reformin a few years it will be necessary to discuss age and premium weeks: “This is a necessary reform today in June 2023, but in eight years the country will have to sit down to discuss and analyze age and premium weeks.”

Source: El Heraldo