The debate on pension reform continues this Wednesday: 16 articles are missing

Article 3 of the pension reform was also adopted, which lays down the pillar system and the Compulsory contribution of up to 3 minimum wages in Colpensiones.

Labor Minister Gloria Inés Ramírez said one of the goals is to strengthen the public Colpensiones system, though she acknowledged she wanted four minimum wages to ensure fiscal sustainability.

In addition, Martha Isabel Peraltaof the Historical Pact, the rapporteur specified that “the spirit of the pension reform law is to expand coverage. Our proposal is that the minimum threshold of the reform is 3 minimum wages, because the more it lowers, the less protection there will be for the Stands to older adults who have the right to retire”.

In this way, Colpensiones will receive Colombians who earn up to 3 minimum wages, which is the majority. And this goes from collecting about 16 billion pesos to about 31 billion initially and eventually about 70 trillion by 2052.

Meanwhile, Hurtado warned that even if the reform is approved, in a few years it will be necessary to discuss the age and weeks of the contribution: “This is a necessary reform today in June 2023, but in eight years the country will have to sit down to talk, analyze the age and weeks of contribution”.

On the other hand, and outside the debate, the Liberal Party announced that it will not vote in this legislature, which now has just over a week to go, for the Petro reforms.

This follows a bank meeting in which the red canopies decided not to support executive reforms on health, pensions and labor for the time being.

In this way, the liberals are following a path similar to that of La U, who has asked the administration to postpone consideration of the articles of the reform package because there is no atmosphere in Congress in light of the scandal surrounding the former chief of staff, Laura Sarabia, and the former ambassador to Venezuela, Armando Benedetti.

The Petro reforms are also about to fail because in order to continue their process they must in any case be approved in a first debate before the end of this legislature, which will run until June 20, and although a subpoena is expected in additional hearings, the only one that has gone through a debate is health care, while pension is in its first trial and labor hasn’t even been discussed yet.

Source: El Heraldo