They deny challenges to senators who vote for the pension reform

“We had quite a rough day, for example two pension plans who were in competition will be united to ensure that they actually reach their target of retirement,” affirmed the Minister of Labor, Gloria Inés Ramírez.

In addition, Article 3 has been adopted, which supports the pillar structure, i.e. the backbone of the project. One of the points is the contribution threshold for the contribution pillar, which will be 3 minimum wages, “which will allow a greater benefit for the elderly without the possibility of income and who will be part of the solidarity pillar with a monthly income of $ 223,800 “, stated the government to.

“I want the country to know that we have approved its fundamental basis, not only the 3 minimum wage threshold, but also the guarantees of the savings fund, a fund that is armored and that guarantees fiscal sustainability and assures all contributors that their money is only touched for the payment of pensions,” explains the head of the labor portfolio.

Source: El Heraldo