Pension reform approved in first debate

In addition, Article 3 has been adopted, which supports the pillar structure, ie the backbone of the project. One of the points is the threshold of price to the contributing pillar, which will be 3 minimum wages, “allowing for greater benefit for the elderly without possibility by income and that with a monthly income of $223,800 they will be part of the solidarity pillar,” the government said.

“I want the country to know that we have approved its fundamental basis, not just the threshold of the 3 salaries minimumsbut the guarantees of the savings fund, a fund that is shielded and that guarantees fiscal sustainability and assures all donors that their money is only touched for the pension payment”, explained the head of the labor portfolio.

The purpose of the bill being introduced in Congress, according to the executive, is “the system unification publicstrengthening Colpensiones and generating more solidarity and universalization of the right to a dignified old age”.

The session, which was held with eight of the 13 senators of the cell legislativestarted in the morning and ended at the end of the afternoon, without the presence of uribistas and conservatives.

The Conservative Benches and the Democratic Center announced they would not discuss the administration’s project until the challenges faced by this congressmen cell legislative for the Senate Ethics Committee.

“As the bench, we have made the decision to withdraw and not to participate in the game reform debate pension until the challenges by the Ethics Committee to the sanctions this could bring are resolved,” warned Senator Nadia Blel of the Conservative Party.

In turn, lawmakers Alirio Barrera and Honorio Henríquez, of the Democratic Center, agreed with Blel and They withdrew from the discussion.

Source: El Heraldo