Eduardo Verano, candidate for Governor of the Atlantic for the Liberal Party

In the middle of a simple act that took place at the home of the former president Cesar Gaviria Trujillo in the city of BogotaHe Colombian Liberal Party gave Eduardo Verano De la Rosa the endorsement that makes him official as his candidate for the Atlantic Governorate.

With a few short words to emphasize his qualities as a candidate, the director of the community gave Verano the decision that also allows him to form a coalition with other political parties to support your ambition.

In addition, he said that he is the most appropriate person to direct the fate of that department taking into account the economic growth and social that this part of the country has.

“It gives me great satisfaction to grant this endorsement to a person who is so prepared and has such exceptional personal circumstances and who has no doubt that he has the opportunity to become a great governor of the Department of Atlántico,” said Gaviria Trujillo. .

He then stated that in these times the Caribbean coast has had very few people with the preparation, intelligence and work of Edward Summer.

“If he has been a ruler, he has done his homework well; that’s why they’re going to re-elect him,” Gaviria said.

During the delivery of the warranty, the official candidate of the Liberal Party was accompanied by his wife, the architect and business administrator, Liliana Borrero and the release of the senator, Mauricio Gomez.

Gómez emphasized Verano’s respect for the institutions and its political community, and the economic and social section of the Atlantic Ocean currently.

“Although there are a series of complex difficulties at the national level, we are evolving in the Atlantic and we can’t stop all of this, it’s not a time to experiment, explore, we have to appreciate the experience and the pride we feel in what happened on our territory,” said the republic senator.

For his part, he candidate Eduardo Summer He said he received the guarantee with “enormous responsibility” because he knows the Atlantic has some challenges to overcome.

“We have reached very excellent levels of development and it is not time to stop these processes, I have signed up and I will governorate with a firm conviction to implement high-impact initiatives that enable us to continue to grow in the economic and human development field,” said the candidate.

Source: El Heraldo