Crisis in Russia, Giorgia Meloni convenes table of ministers and intelligence

The Italian government is monitoring the very tense situation that is taking place in Russia at this time. Prigozhin and his Wagner group have occupied the Rostov military base and are threatening to march on Moscow as well. Meanwhile, our Prime Minister Meloni also participated in the Forum on the European Agenda promoted by the Austrian Chancellor, who wanted to comment on what is happening in Eastern Europe. «I summoned», in Italy «the competent ministers and Italian intelligence to try to have more elements to judge the case. I am absolutely incapable of saying much more, nor of making predictions.». Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said this at the end of the bilateral agreement with the Austrian Chancellor at the Europa Forum.

“These are events of the last few hours. It’s not easy to read what’s going on. As soon as I get back from that appointment that I didn’t want to miss, I’ve called together the competent ministers and Italian intelligence to get more information. I cannot make predictions about how it will be.” The Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, in joint declarations with the Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer after the bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the Europa Forum Wachau, thus responds to those who ask her for an assessment of what is happening in the Russia at this time.”We are in contact with our international allies and there will be a meeting of chancellors later to take stock and exchange information”, he adds.

Source: IL Tempo