Surveys, Ghisleri freezes the left: “Meloni in tune with the Italians”. peak pd

Surveys, Ghisleri freezes the left: “Meloni in tune with the Italians”.  peak pd

Giorgia Meloni can smile, writes La Stampa, because the Prime Minister continues to have high levels of trust and Italians agree with her in the Mes. Alessandra Ghisleri, director of Euromedia Research, presents data from the latest survey according to which for one in two citizens the government of Meloni is solid and compact (49.5%). “Withdrawal of criticism and risks, it is necessary to recognize that Giorgia Meloni remains stable above 40% in her confidence index, confirming harmony with a large part of the country”, comments the researcher who explains: “Even Fratelli di Itália, to date , does not seem to show cracks in the consensus, always focusing on voting intentions close to the 30% threshold”.

Among the things that most worry Italians is inflation, with price increases considered unsustainable. Regarding the ratification of the Mes “the most important fact, on the subject, is that 33.5% of Italians do not know what they are talking about and how it can be useful for our country”. However, “38.9% of the entire sample are in favor of its ratification”.

Then, Ghisleri starts from speeches in the Prime Minister’s Parliament before the Council of Europe. The best move is to pretend to be “a protagonist in Europe, taking advantage, for example, of the difficulties of countries like Germany, which until now have dictated the rhythm of the EU’s decisions”, and “in a certain sense we have already registered this behavior in the last speeches of the first -minister in parliament”. An attacking Meloni that recalled the tones before the elections, explains Ghisleri, “A Giorgia that everyone learned to know until last year, when she was the lone leader of the opposition. The next step is the most complicated one, which must find the perfect union and the synthesis between being Giorgia, a woman, a mother, Christian, Italian and being President Meloni”, concludes the researcher. reached 29.2 percent, but also the 1.1% collapse of Elly Schlein’s Pd (20.2) and the jump in Giuseppe Conte’s 5 Star Movement, which gained 1.2% and rose to 16.2 .

Source: IL Tempo