Fake photo of Giorgia Meloni in Puglia, this is how the Republic’s error is discovered

A crab that rivals Carlo Cracco. Or the myth of all fishermen, Sampei. An oversight so sensational it seems almost unreal. And yet, even those convinced that they are at the top of their class, with their finger constantly pointed at everything and everyone, have committed a (sensational) levity. The newspaper La Repubblica took a photo of Giorgia Meloni. And so far, this isn’t much news, as criticizing, sometimes capiously, and more generally writing about the Italian prime minister seems to be the mission of the leading progressive newspaper. The leader of the Brothers of Italy is pictured relaxing with a cocktail in hand. Where? In front of the beach of Cala Masciola, a splendid town in Apulia. The supposed scandal, the indescribable shame would be represented by the fact that Meloni would have arrived at that earthly paradise on his return from the European Council. A Brussels-Bari flight paid for by Italian taxpayers with their taxes. Open the sky. State flights, along with blue cars, have been the gasoline of anti-politics singers for years. Natural, at least for those who consider the elect only treacherous bread-eaters, to ride a wave as high as it is difficult to tame. A discontent that, in the recent past, deceived our compatriots. Who drank the biggest tale: that one was worth one. And that skills were not important, decisive, indispensable.

Too bad Repubblica made an incredible mistake. As reported by the Dagospia portal, the snapshot was, in fact, taken 3 years ago (gulp). In Ostia. Just open Giorgia Meloni’s Facebook profile to find her and clear any (any) residual doubts. No state flights, no “robbery” to the detriment of taxpayers. “It’s from the disciplinary council, they haven’t verified it – tells us a colleague who worked for 30 years in the newspaper founded by Eugenio Scalfari – It would have taken very little, a phone call to the mayor of the locality indicated in the article . If the Prime Minister goes to In a municipality, the mayor is always informed. It is a practice that a political journalist cannot fail to know about. It is obvious, banal.” It would have taken very little, in fact, to avoid the capture of such a large crab. Sampei envy.

Source: IL Tempo