“The Center exploded because of its inconsistencies”: Ingrid Betancourt

Verde Oxígeno’s presidential candidate, Íngrid Betancourt, visited EL HERALDO’s facilities with the aim of explaining the “check” she intends to do against corruption and machines.

In the middle of the dialogue, he regretted that March 13 had been the middle option “destabilized” and added that he is aware that in the political country many ascribe to him “the bust of the center”; however, he replied that the center was shattered by “its inconsistencies” and that what they received in the polls was a “punishment from the Colombian people.”

“The center was bursting with inconsistencies and I had to point them out. I would have liked the center to remain united. We could have done it, but they lacked determination. They sat down and what happened later, when I was already out of the coalition, they started as Celia Cruz said, ‘songo hit borondongo, borondongo hit Bernabé and Bernabé hit muchilanga’. They did nothing but fight and accuse each other of corruption,” he emphasized.

She explained that for her, the members of that coalition “have not been able to take up their responsibilities because they are trapped in mental ghettos and I want to free myself from those ghettos.”

Source: El Heraldo