The economic vision of the presidential candidates

Federico Gutierrez, Team for Colombiastated that his government program has order and opportunity as its pillars, so his economic model will focus on generating “jobs and restoring the security of the country”.

For his part, the candidate of the Historic Pact, Gustavo Petro, noted that his commitment will be “the democratization of the economy”, and has explained more than once that his general proposal for the country is to turn it “into a world power of life”.

For National Salvation, the candidate Enrique Gómez pushed for the consolidation of an “Agreement on the Fundamentals”. explained to THE HERALD that in the second place of that great pact all actions are aimed at the development of the country.

In the meantime, John Milton Rodriguez, stressed in his government program the need to “restore two million new and formal jobs”. He does not rule out promoting the revision of free trade agreements with the aim of pursuing a protectionist policy in favor of national production.

The Hope Center Candidate, Sergio Fajardoagreed on the need to re-industrialize Colombia through rural modernization.

Along the same lines, Rodolfo Hernández, candidate of the Anti-Corruption Governors League movement, explained that Colombia’s agricultural vocation should not be underestimated, for which he proposes a technological improvement plan that, he says, aims to improve the conditions of farmers. †

Oxygen Green’s candidate, Ingrid Betancourt, He stated that his commitment will be for a recovery plan and job creation for the benefit of women and youth. As he remarked after passing THE HERALDthe candidate believes that these are the sectors of society that have suffered the most from the pandemic and that today they would have no one to represent them.

The former mayor of Medellín Luis Pérez Gutiérrez noted that he will point to the legalization of cannabis and the expansion of resources from the central order to the regions.

For example, the candidates agreed on the need to create more jobs and generate more investment in the regions of the country.

Source: El Heraldo