Justice, Meloni advises Nordio: “External competition? I would focus on other priorities.”

Justice, Meloni advises Nordio: “External competition?  I would focus on other priorities.”

Always against the mafia. Constantly on the side of those who fought against the mafia. Close to those who died to defeat Cosa Nostra. Giorgia Meloni, with a few words, extinguishes the absurd polemics of today. “I’ve never missed Via D’Amelio, I won’t miss it this year either – underlined the Prime Minister, explaining that he will be present at the commemorations in memory of Paolo Borsellino and the five escort agents killed on July 19, 1992 in Palermo -. Many know when I started doing politics, and I remember it very well”.

The leader of the Brothers of Italy refers to the circumstance, confided several times and mentioned during his inauguration speech, that he began to engage in politics at the age of fifteen, the day after the massacre on Via D’Amelio, precisely because inspired by “the example of that hero”. The Premier then focused on one of the most important and sensitive points of the entire legislature: reform of the judiciary. A fundamental step, to change some essential rules, fundamental for all Italian democracy. “On the issue of foreign aid, I understand very well both the assessments of Minister Carlo Nordio, who is always very precise, and the criticisms that may arise. But I would focus on other priorities.”

Precise words, those pronounced by Giorgia Meloni during the press, point out at the end of the trip on the new Frecciarossa Rome-Pompeii, on the controversy over the reform of justice and the minister who defined external competition in the mafia association “an oxymoron”. The Fdi secretary also defuses the confrontation between Forza Italia and Lega on the matter in the bud. In fact, Deputy Prime Minister Antonio Tajani sided with Carlo Nordio, who hopes for a review of the crime, but for the other Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini and Undersecretary Alfredo Mantovano, putting your hand on the law “is not a priority”.

Source: IL Tempo