External competition, Nordio denies speculation: “It’s not on the program”

External competition, Nordio denies speculation: “It’s not on the program”

Transforming the crime of external competition into mafia association is not in the government’s program. Justice Minister Carlo Nordio thus extinguishes the controversy over justice, clarifying his reflections on the possible revision of the type of crime and responding to Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. “In terms of external competition, I understand very well both the assessments made by Minister Nordio, who is always very precise, and the criticisms that may come – said the Prime Minister when leaving the Pompeii excavations at the end of the visit together with Minister of Culture, Gennaro Sangiuliano, on the occasion of the maiden voyage of the Frecciarossa Rome-Pompeii link – I would, however, like to focus on other priorities”.

Finally, the Minister of Justice clarified: “We are and always have been in perfect harmony with the Premier League. The problem of external competition has been dealt with by me in my writings for the last twenty years, it is essentially technical and, if any, it aims to strengthen the fight against organized crime. But its revision is not part of the government’s program, and in fact it wasn’t even proposed by me in the speech to the Chamber at the beginning of my mandate”, argues Nordio who does not spare a pinprick in the “imaginative and sometimes malicious our hypothetical disagreements”, which “are vain attempts to undermine our determination to carry out the justice reforms, in accordance with the mandate received from the voters, and over which we will not waver or hesitate” .

In the majority, there are different sensibilities in this regard. Forza Italia is in favor of “remodulation”, while holding the League. In any case, it is not a current issue because it is not contained in the government’s program. Yesterday Defense Minister Guido Crosetto had caused controversy with a tweet dedicated to the Guardian of the Seals: “Minister Nordio has all my solidarity because he is trapped in the clutches of those who want to maintain the power to use ‘justice’ as a form of instrument of political struggle and those who are afraid to challenge injustice by making a right choice, because they fear ‘retaliation'”.

Source: IL Tempo