Solo off: Alberto Fernandez and his praise for Raul Alfonsin’s government’s economic brain

Solo off: Alberto Fernandez and his praise for Raul Alfonsin’s government’s economic brain

The governor set fire to his vice; Macri and Trump secret conversation; Insaurralde, irreconcilable with his opponents; Nosiglia seeks third party to dispute UCR

Alberto Fernandez
Alberto Fernandez

Much has been said and will be said about the “poisonous” book that Christina Kirchner Given to the President Alberto Fernandez Last Saturday 2. In addition to beyond ᲔᲠᲘ That I do not read Season diary on the fifth floor, To Juan Carlos Torre “This is what I lived for,” he said. The President does not stop loudly praising (and not so much) Juan Vital Surui, Raul Alfonsin’s Minister of Economy from 1985-1989..

“He was an honest and very intelligent man,” Fernandez praised him at meetings with friends, as if he had clearly shown his admiration for the inventor. Southern Plan, Which then succumbed to the relentless rise in inflation. The president also assured friends that Surul had offered him the position when he left the planning secretariat and moved to the fifth floor of the ministry, where he is the chief chairman.

Juan Vital Suruil, Minister of Economy, announced the Australian Plan on 14 June 1985.
Juan Vital Suruil, Minister of Economy, announced the Australian Plan on 14 June 1985.

“He was warned that he was originally a Peronist, but Surul told him he needed a good lawyer and therefore wanted him to move,” said a spokesman for the president, who recalled this week’s work-related story. As Deputy Director of Legal Affairs, which Fernandez, at the age of 26, held during the UCR government, by order of the person in charge of the area, an engineer. The jaw dropped.

Rodriguez was on fire in Saa San Luis for his vice “betrayal.”

The image surprised the strangers and especially their own. A full hearing in the Provincial Senate will confirm the Lieutenant Governor as the new member of the Supreme Court of San Luis. Eduardo Monet-Ruiz Resigned from the nomination, which was so criticized by the opposition and promoted to governor of San Luis Saa of Alberto Rodriguez.

“Alberto could not believe it. And now for himself. “Said from the San Luis opposition, but with connections to what is happening in Terrazas de Portezuelo, a power bunker in San Luis. In fact, the war between Monet Ruiz – who informed no one of his move – and the governor of San Luis has been going on for months, and he had a colleague in the Legislative Assembly who, in theory, he should have led and whom he has not left. Note.

The position of justice was an elegant solution, a political pact, as there had been no deal between them for a long time.“, Says another source who knows a prisoner who was cooking on a slow fire at the highest point in the province, that Alberto and Adolfo Rodriguez Saa They have dominated for almost four decades.

Alberto Rodriguez Saa with his Vice President Eduardo Gaston Monet Ruiz
Alberto Rodriguez Saa with his Vice President Eduardo Gaston Monet Ruiz

It happens that, in a whisper from the province, Monet Ruiz saw several signs before the hearing that he did not like, especially the silence of the Albert senators and members of the San Luis government, who did not shy away from criticizing. After his candidacy, the opposition launched “unconstitutionality”.

He realized that they only wanted him to resign and then they were not going to vote in the list“There has been talk of a lieutenant governor being hated by the provincial president, so much so that impeachment is one of the alternatives to ousting him from the post that – yes – he has no plans to resign.

The word “betrayal” has been circulating since the session, and like fire in official plants, and another option used for Monet Ruiz – who still has a pen that has the right to allow or deny major official purchases – is a similar fate. that Julio Cleto KobosWhen, after an unfavorable vote in Resolution 125 in the Senate, he was sentenced to exile to the upper house but without a foothold in the Casa Rosada, by order of Vice President Christina Kirchner, who today has an ally, Rodriguez Saa.

Macri performed a secret in a meeting with Donald Trump

They did not play golf because the host was already training before lunch. But what they talked about Donald TrumpMauricio Macri At a long lunch in Palm Beach on Thursday, it was about their political future. “Trump has told him that he already feels like a candidate in the 2024 presidential election,” said Macrista, a kidney leader who learned some details of the meeting that angered many Together for Change leaders.

Donald Trump with Mauricio Macri
Donald Trump with Mauricio Macri

Accompanied by his former Strategic Secretary Fulvius PompeoMacri used his skills as a bridge player and hid cards when the former president of the United States wanted to know if he would play for a second term. “He told her that there was still a long way to go and that the space had two very strong candidates,” they were told from the same Makrista bunker, with official praise. Horatio Rodriguez LarettaPatricia Bulrich, Many wondered, however, whether the former president had given his American friend more specific information about his political fate.

Nosilia is looking for an “alternative candidate” for a radical convention

Committed to historical and unconditional love for prisoners, radical leaders have been preparing for hours for the next competition: the presidency of the National Convention, scheduled for later this month and postponed for at least thirty days.

The suspension has an organizational reason – it is an internal election in various provinces – but above all a political one, as a group of Old Guard leaders opposes two candidates in the dance: Gaston Manes (Buenos Aires UCR leader and promoted by his brother Facundo, already in the Casa Rosada race) and Hernan RossFormer lawmaker of Buenos Aires and member of Evolution, Georgia Martin Lusto.

Enrique "Cote" is nosy in LN +
Enrique “Cote” is nosy in LN +

“For some of us, neither Manes nor Ross meet the unwritten requirements to be president of the convention,” said one of the disgruntled leaders, among whom would be stainless. Enrique “Cot” is nosyDespite his rapprochement with Lusto, he is working on a third option and is considering the name of the former Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies. Rafael PascualWho cannot be persuaded to make a commitment.

As Manes already has the majority of willpower (they support him Ernest Sanz, Jesus RodriguezFederico Storan By the way), everyone watches Gerardo MoralesChairman of the National Committee and also ran in the presidential election. “The president will be the result of consensus,” the hundred-year-old party agrees and expects.

Insaurralde, irreconcilable opponents of Lomas de Zamora

When you have a relationship with the representatives of the so-called “Red Circle”, Martin InsuraldeHead of the Cabinet of the Province of Buenos Aires and former Mayor of Lomas de Zamora, shown as a moderate leader, dialogue, conciliator. „Or Lord“- says a businessman who often visited him. But opponents of the Insaurralde, who today are very much in favor of Kirchnerism, argue that good manners are only a business card for those spheres: its small payment, the feudal lord in which it still has a voice of command, She loves to show her teeth and even bite.

Martin Insuralde
Martin Insuralde

He experienced it only in his own flesh William Vinauals, His former chief of staff, who has made the leap and is running for mayor “together for change.” Viñuales presents book presentation in Loma de Zamora last Tuesday Capitalism or povertyTo Miguel Angel Pickett And a journalist Carlos M. Raymondo Roberts, And found an unexpected difficulty: no club, party hall or cultural center wanted to rent space for this activity. Everyone refused for the same reason: opening the door for the opposition leader was a provocation of Insuralde’s anger, “which will drive you crazy with checks, controls, fines …”.

The presentation finally took place in a very unusual setting: with the help of about 300 people: on the top floor of a Chinese supermarket.

Source: La Nacion