ChristenUnie now really wants to get corona out of the law

The possibility to reissue corona tickets when visiting certain places should be removed from the law. That is the opinion of the ruling party ChristenUnie.

“Keep a corona ticket in the toolbox in case it is currently out of proportion for my group,” MP Mirjam Bikker said tonight during a debate on the extension of the law.

The use of the Corona ticket is subject to a temporary law that has already been extended five times. Such extension shall not be submitted to the Assembly until after the event has ended. Tonight there was talk of an extension from March 1 to June 1, but the cabinet has already announced a sixth extension, which also keeps the option of a corona broadcast open.

“The Corona ticket no longer contributes to protecting the health and safety of vulnerable people,” said Bikker. That is why the ChristenUnie wants the transition to be abolished in the next extension of the transitional law or in a new law.


Bikker pointed out that such evidence is currently not needed anywhere in the Netherlands and that it has no harmful consequences. According to him, this has to do with fewer pathogenic ommicron variants and the degree of vaccination. You should only consider the precaution if a new, much more dangerous derivative is introduced. However, proportionality must also be taken into account.

“The ChristenUnie also believes that the restriction of fundamental rights should be heavily weighted in the legislation,” says Bikker. said. If he sticks to his position, there is now a good chance that the House of Representatives will not get a majority for the corona admission certificate. The measure was controversial from the outset, as many believed it to be ineffective and would further promote dichotomy in society.

You may wonder whether the cabinet will achieve a majority in the Senate.

Minister of Intervention

Minister Kuipers emphasized that the corona ticket will only be returned if it was an effective tool at the time. “This is something you have to be very careful about and I don’t see it coming back like that. But I can’t rule out that it can still be used to keep the community as open as possible.”

Source: NOS