Augustine Rossi spoke about his possible return to the cabinet and said: “No Peronist government is leaving the term expiring.”

Augustine Rossi spoke about his possible return to the cabinet and said: “No Peronist government is leaving the term expiring.”

The former minister, who raised his profile during the internal crisis in Frente de Todos, supported Fernandez and Guzman; He also assured that the versions that he will join the cabinet are causing “discomfort”.

Augustine Ross
Augustine Ross

Santa Fe Augustine Ross Left the government when he wanted to lead his provincial list of MPs but stepped up his intervention Internal crisis of everyone on the front: Not only was it added German Martinez -His kidney- as the president of the official bloc in the deputies, but met the president Alberto Fernandez Last week and Saturday, he held an event in support of her with weighty leaders in Rosario.

Today Once again confirmed the leadership of Fernandez And brought calm to the president’s continuity in Casa Rosada, in the midst of a hostile climate. “We are Peronists, not a single Peronist government leaves until the end of the administration. Assured the La Corriente reviewer Radio with you.

Convinced that the best the frontiers could do to reach “potential” in next year’s election was to “strengthen the president’s management,” he expected it to work at least to that end. However, he tone down the versions of joining the cabinet: he said that it “causes him inconvenience” and “adds a bad mood”.

We are peronists, we understand the use of power and the use of management. Rossi said this morning that those who talk about Fernandez’s early departure in Argentina “have a misinterpretation of what a political phenomenon and politics are.”

“The government is strong” Assured the former defense minister, who stressed How did the current leadership negotiate with the opposition Support for a pact with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Congress and also that “No macroeconomic variable is disordered.”

He also supported the head of the economic portfolio, Martin Guzman, A figure of resistance to Kirchnerism, the space by which his group is referred to, despite his current proximity to Fernandes – though today he claims to have been a Kirchnerist. “He should continue to be our Minister of Economy, that is the property that the government has. I do not know if there is another economist who, like Martin, could negotiate with the International Monetary Fund. Rossi came down after highlighting other issues such as poverty reduction, hardship and unemployment levels such as economic growth.

Nevertheless, he said, the minister should deliver a speech this week when the new inflation index will be announced as “You can not be silent in the framework of politics” And the same attitude was asked of the other actors under the direction of Juan Manzur. “We are in the eternal dilemma of a half-full and half-empty glass, but it seems that there are more speakers of a half-empty glass. It is not possible for a government to have half a full cup with so many speakers. The main speakers of the half-full glass should be the officials themselves.Raised.

Although he used the tone of evaluative and active management and after raising his own profile, Ross today came up with the version that he would join the cabinet. “It makes me uncomfortable when I am in a good mood. When I’m in a bad mood, I’m in a bad mood. “ Maintained and made sure he never asked the president, or any other important leader at everyone on the front, to return to the Balcarce 50 as part. Staff.

“I have not had such a press operation and every time I mention that I have potentially returned to the government, I mark a place that is occupied today by a colleague or a colleague who is trying to do something. Is the best tool and requires calm for management. I’m not in that place and I will never be, “said a Santa Fe resident who commented. “You can contribute from another place” And stated that he felt comfortable outside of management.

“To contribute to the construction of the FdT, to strengthen the leadership of Christina and Alberto, to strengthen management and unity is what I do and I try to do it from where I should be, no other situation diminishes me,” it said.

Source: La Nacion