Cabinet wants to do something about significant rent increase that threatens the free sector

The cabinet wants to prevent tenants in the free sector from having to deal with too strong a rent increase due to rising inflation next year. Minister De Jonge wants to limit the maximum rent increase from 2023 per ministerial regulation.

In the past, landlords in the free sector (for rents above €750 per month) were allowed to raise rents indefinitely. Due to a PvdA initiative law, the maximum increase until mid-2024 is limited to inflation plus 1%.

However, this arrangement no longer works well because the currency’s devaluation has increased so rapidly lately. According to De Jonge, inflation rose sharply, by 3 percentage points in the four months after November last year. And there seems to be no end to this development.

More attuned to the social sector

De Jonge wants to bring the rental evolution in the free sector closer to that of the social sector. Here too, the company sets a maximum annual percentage increase in rents.

It is not yet clear how the maximum rent increase in the free sector will be determined from next year. In the bill that is being consulted today, De Jonge writes that he intends to equate the rent increase “possibly with inflation or, if necessary, with another basis”.

Source: NOS