The calculation formula must be adjusted: Jennifer Pedraza on petrol

Dignidad’s representative, Jennifer Pedraza, warned in the legislative cell “Why are we paying the petrol like we won in dollars? Did Petro forget that before they were a government they said it was urgent to separate the price of gasoline from international prices?

For this reason, the MP stated: “Yes, there are alternatives to the gasoline price. The problem is the calculation formula when pegging the price of gasoline in Colombia to international prices when it depends on variables over which we have no control so the real solution is to modify this calculation formula, convene a technical discussion table and have a meeting to arrange. “.

In response, the head of the energy portfolio warned that “if we close the shortfall of the Fuel Price Stabilization Fund our frame of reference is not the regulation of costs and prices. Our frame of reference is energy transition fair and is to reduce the country’s dependence on the fossil fuels“.

Source: El Heraldo