Banks, ‘Giorgia’ Meloni Notes on New Tax: “Unfair Margins”

Banks, ‘Giorgia’ Meloni Notes on New Tax: “Unfair Margins”

Giorgia Meloni returns to speak with her column ‘Notes from Giorgia’. As the first argument, the prime minister addressed the new taxation on extra profits planned for banks: “Giorgia’s banknotes come back after a while. The time has come to take stock of the government’s work, because we have really done a lot of work. I begin by looking at the latest provisions issued by the Council of Ministers, which approved various measures, the most important of which, in my opinion, is taxation on banks’ unfair margins. We – explains the leader of the Brothers in Italy – are experiencing a very complicated economic and financial phase, in Europe we had high inflation caused by factors external to our economy, but the response of the European Central Bank was to intervene with a decisive policy of increasing rates of interest. This has led to a situation where prices go up, the cost of money goes up and therefore also the cost of variable rate mortgages, new mortgages, loans and it also leads to a contraction of the economy. In this difficult situation, in our view, it is necessary for the banking system to behave as correctly as possible”.

“There has been – underlines Meloni – an increase in passive rates, which banks have applied to their customers, which, however, should also increase the active rates recognized by banks to whom you deposit in the bank, that is, how much the bank recognizes you for the money you deposit in the bank. But, unfortunately, this is not always the case. We – he added – are therefore registering record profits for some banking institutes. So we decided to intervene with the only tool available to the government, taxation. We decided to introduce a 40% tax on the unfair difference in the interest margin, which is the difference between the value of interest expenses and the interest income of banks. It is therefore a tax not on a legitimate margin, but on a unfair margin”.

Another hot topic that is addressed in the live video on institutional social networks is the abolition of the Citizenship Income: “The new Citizenship Income rules came into effect today, as a result of which a number of beneficiaries of the income will no longer have the subsidy This is a topic that I’ve read and heard a lot of controversy and a lot of falsehoods about. And I think it’s helpful to get some clarity. First, people with disabilities don’t lose their basic income, as it’s also been written. Those over 60 don’t lose their basic income, as has already been said. Those who have dependent minor children do not lose their basic income, as has already been said and written. Those in particularly fragile conditions do not lose their basic income. All these people, contrary to what has been instrumentally said, they continue to receive the income until the end of the year, and then – comments Meloni – they will pass on to the inclusion check, the new support measure that the government has launched, and with which they do not lose anything”.

Source: IL Tempo