The government has officially confirmed the departure of Luis Puenzo del Inca

The government has officially confirmed the departure of Luis Puenzo del Inca

Casa Rosada released the text of the resignation on Monday, following the protest

Luis Puenzo is the new director of INCAA
Luis Puenzo is the new director of INCAA

The government has officially announced To move Of the owner National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts, Luis PuenzoMonday after a heated interrogation of the protest and its management. Ordinance ordered by her Termination of functions Will be posted after midnight.

Alberto Fernandez signed Ordinance 183 this Tuesday That replaces Luis Puenzo Inca as president in a norm in which no grounds were established. The relevant legislative framework, the Decree on Designation in December 2019, was mentioned and only “that In this case, it is advisable to order the dismissal of the above-mentioned official.“.

As published ᲔᲠᲘMinister of Culture, Tristan BauerDecided to intervene in the agency and asked the official to resign. The Confrontation between filmmakers and police officers City Police, who registered this Monday Two arrestedWas challenging.

While Puenzo was trying to stay in office, as reported by this media, Casa Rosada made the decision to resign. An official met with Bauer for more than three hours this Tuesday. By 9:00 p.m., the film institute’s chief executive had indicated that the conversation with his senior Bauer would continue through Wednesday.

Although it is unknown who will replace Puenzo, he has been named in the last few hours Lucrezia Cardoso, the current Secretary of Culture Development of the Nation And Bauer’s close trustee. He was already the head of Inca in 2014-2015 and had a transition to his current position. Vice-President of the organism, producer Nicholas Butle.

The most critical directors of Puenzo’s management at the head of the Inca promised to mobilize this Wednesday if the current leadership of the organization was to be maintained. At a rally on Monday, filmmakers expressed concern about the organization’s funds and demanded their resignation without any half-measures.

The most reprehensible thing about Poenzo is that he was not in the foreground of the claim Continuity of Argentine cinema promotion policy. The fear of these sectors is that at the end of the year the INCAA, as an autonomous body for the popularization of Argentine cinema, will be directly involved. The Cinema Act, 17,741, was sanctioned in 1994 and has been in force ever since.


“We found out about A. The decree promoted by the current Inca administration proposes to limit the subsidies received by the cinema, which will make it more exclusive.“- Paula Orlando, a member of the protest group during the mobilization on Monday, explained.

Orlando has warned against raising content platforms to the detriment of national production. “Cinema is going through a really critical and disturbing moment, on the one hand, in December of this year Taxes on culture expire and this has a direct impact on cinema, theater and music“, He explained.

Indeed, the Institute’s Film Popularization Fund, which maintains specific taxes and allows national films to be funded, is going to lose its validity. This is stated in Article 4 of Article 27432 of the Law adopted in December 2017, which sets the deadline for the specific distribution of national taxes on December 31.

That way, if the law is not amended, funding backed by the Film Institute, the Theater Institute, the National Institute of Music and popular libraries will end in 2022.

Source: La Nacion