Autonomies, death threats to Calderoli: “We mafiosi are ready to kill you”

The Autonomies reform project carried out by the minister and exponent of the Lega Roberto Calderoli runs the risk of leading to physical violence. One of Carroccio’s prominent faces was in fact the target of some mafia threats, which arrived accompanied by a handwritten letter, which was published by the minister himself on his social networks. “If you don’t stop implementing the policy of genocide towards the South, will we kill you with our firepower? We are the mafia, we are Italians, not her, it costs us nothing to kill you. In fact, we will do good to Italy”, says the text of the letter sent to the member of the Meloni government, who is not intimidated by words that put his life at risk.

Indeed, Calderoli commented on the story as follows: “I am not afraid of threats, I am not afraid and I will continue until I achieve regional autonomy. And then I’ll retire on my tractor.” The center-right is not scared and goes ahead with its projects. Even in the face of those who shake the specter of death.

Source: IL Tempo