Alberto Fernandez has prepared Martin Guzman’s reappearance and is analyzing the change in his management.

Alberto Fernandez has prepared Martin Guzman’s reappearance and is analyzing the change in his management.

The Minister of Economy, the target of the sharp criticism of Kirchnerism, was waiting for the inflation rate and attacked the officials close to the Vice-President; Everything, strategy wallpaper

Economy Minister Martin Guzman is involved in C5N research
Economy Minister Martin Guzman is involved in C5N research

Nothing was improvised. Minister of Economy, Martin Guzman, Met with the nation’s president shortly before leaving the public announcement square. He did it in the Quinta de Olivos and with this approval in hand and much more than private recognition, he did not hesitate to attend an interview on C5N. With “key” messages -As they say in communication slang- Ready and prepared.

Why and to whom did the Minister talk? “We will be able to meet those who are in line with this economic plan,” he assured. That is, without this world “Federico Basualdo”. The Deputy Secretary of Electricity, supported by Christina and La Campora, did not agree with the Minister’s statement. Or Robert FeltSecretary of Commerce, who Guzman was not shot in the face of March inflation data. Chinese shadows, like those who respond to Cristina Fernandez and La Campora, ironically refer to them as “Albertism” and oppose Alberto Fernandez, They turned the hourglass. Of course, Alberto Fernandez would have to make the most difficult decision for this. That’s the debate I’m having today at home with her little table.

If he does finally do what Cabinet sources suggest and release a few Officials who do not work for him, On the other hand they threaten with massive withdrawals. Another debate arises. Is it real that La Campora and Kirchnerism will openly return and leave the management of 71% of the boxes in the state budget? Personally, they find this unviable. So one of the plays that is being analyzed is the release of some of the main referents in the midfield. It is those who use the most extreme Christianity to consolidate presidential power.

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This decision depends on several factors that the president decides in person. Of course who knows Alberto Fernandez They prefer not to give it as a reassurance. Except when he surprised them for the flowers and for showing love after Francisco’s birth. However, they attach a high level of vitality. The game is simple: The first figures were not even touched, but the secondary actors. And if they decide to resign, the court will be free. Of course, what are the actors supporting Albertism, in Christianity they are interpreted as the main figures and further dominoes are unclear. Yes, polls showing the president he’s on the way are going to plant a few no. Just as his Minister for Social Development, Juanchi Zabaleta, did, restricting social organizations and launching new debates to change work project plans.

Meanwhile, all, absolutely all governments, are waiting for Christina’s words, the formalization of Indec data, which will be closer to 6% to 7%, and also the mobilization carried out by social organizations towards the Plaza de Mayo. Less virulence and more action, those who hope in this sense for a quiet day tomorrow are delighted. But Black Wednesday for the economy.

Although he was shrouded in controversy during the first years of his reign, many forget that Fernandez knew how to be a political strategist. Why does Guzman expect a negative number? It does this for two reasons. One is that Christina will break the silence this Wednesday and she has already opened an umbrella in this matter. He was waiting for the play. He warned that this inflation rate would be the highest in the year – suggests – And justified in the international context. An international context that will be Christina’s main argument for bringing the global crisis closer to the local reality. Campora is said to not understand why Alberto Fernandez supports his minister. “Poverty is 40%, inflation is breaking records and the only one who wins is the fund. Change is needed now “Welder’s source was released before being questioned by LA NACION.

When is the president going to make a final decision, whose colleague is in danger of collapse? In less than ten days it will be decided yes or no, Provide high cabinet stock. Several governors ask him why he is not doing this now by 2023, others are afraid of governance and offer subtle and consistent spoilage, while the declining league of moderation is personally moving closer, even though they are wary of the Queen’s game and offered Check for the Queen. The same queen who paradoxically crowned him.

Source: La Nacion