Because bears are a (big) problem for Fratelli d’Italia

The killing of the Amarena bear, the symbol of the Abruzzo National Park, opens a rift in what is often considered a monolith, the Brotherhood of Italy. In fact, the party doesn’t seem to have a single line when it comes to animals, at least when it comes to wildlife management. While Abruzzo Giorgia Meloni’s party has no doubts and takes sides to defend the bears, it doesn’t seem to take the same approach in Trentino, where provincial commissioner Alessandro Urzì has repeatedly had to keep different spirits together. The Brothers of Italy fails to prove that it is so committed to animal rights when it decides to politically support Maurizio Fugatti, the current president of the Autonomous Region. The representative of the union, Salvini’s man, has been waging a legal battle against animal rights associations for months to cull the troubled bears, and has always continued to do so after the death of Andrea Papi, 26, of Caldes, who was killed by the JJ4 bear. He said he wanted to reduce the number of bears by killing about a hundred of the estimated two hundred bear populations.

Killing bears is a ‘crime’ in Abruzzo

“The murder of our bear Amarena is a serious act that must be condemned if and only if”. The interpretation of Fratelli d’Italia’s Abruzzo senator and Environmental commission group leader Etelwardo Sigismondi is unequivocal in the face of the death of the Abruzzo lioness. “Italy’s most famous she-bear, Amarena,” continues Sigismondi – was part of Abruzzo, beloved by locals and tourists, who just a few days ago once again starred with her cubs in very sensitive scenes. The criminal who wants to tarnish himself with the death of such a cowardly animal.” So much so that Regional President Marco Marsilio (Fdi) has already announced plans to set up the body as a civic party in the name of “reputation and purely Abruzzo essence”.

Shooting a bear isn’t all that much of a crime in Trentino, where Fratelli d’Italia has always positioned itself more moderately than Carroccio’s number one. The official position has always been expressed by the provincial coordinator Alessandro Urzì, who has always said about bears and wolves: “The aim is to do something concrete”, “to enforce the law to envisage rapid and effective interventions, including the selective culling of the law.” “The people of Trentino cannot be mocked, and it must be made clear that 120 bears will not be killed, and therefore a management plan for large predators needs to be put in place”. Urzì also repeatedly scolded Fugatti, telling him that in this case the “witch hunt” for animals “He asked her to stop.

Brothers of Italy in Trentino allies with Maurizio Fugatti

The official party of Meloni’s party is therefore more moderate than the Unity, but constantly in tension in an effort to keep different spirits together. On the one hand, the party base applauded in circles as they tried to defend the region in bearskin. On the other hand, it was the same with the Melonian vice-presidential candidate Francesca Gerosa, who “embarrassed” everyone in mid-August by presenting herself to a centre-right summit with a document on bear management. Dialogue with environmental associations and animal rights. This is in stark contrast to the stance of Fugatti, who for months has denied any conflict with animal rights activists and has in fact insisted on asking Rome for more autonomy to kill the outnumbered bears and wolves.

But it’s all on paper. In the end, however, Fratelli d’Italia is heading to the state elections on 22 October as an ally of the counter-right coalition that wants Maurizio Fugatti to be Trentino’s president. Fugatti recently extinguished any animal fire from the Brothers of Italy and declared that all right is in line with his vision. On August 22, he declared that “there is complete agreement on the management methods employed during my administration, such as the decision to greatly limit the number of specimens available in Trentino by swiftly responding to the culling of the troubled ones.” . Destroying in practice half of the plant species living in the Trentino valleys. This hypothesis, which received the approval of the breeders and the share of the residents of malghe, would be shocking in a region like Abruzzo, which is ruled by the Italian Brotherhood.

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Source: Today IT