Ustica, Meloni pressing Amato: “Imported words, if he has elements, say it”

The Ustica massacre suddenly returned to the lips of all Italians. The tragedy in which 81 people lost their lives has returned thanks to Giuliano Amato’s interview with Repubblica, in which the former prime minister defends the thesis of the French missile responsible for the crash of the DC 9 in Itavia. Even the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, has spoken out on the subject, without neglecting the statements: “Giuliano Amato’s on Ustica are important words that deserve attention. However, President Amato specifies that these words are the result of personal deductions”.

Then, Meloni urges Amato to be clearer about what led him to give such an interview: “Taking into account that no act related to the DC 9 tragedy is covered by State secrecy, and that for decades it has been carried out by the judicial authority and parliamentary commissions of inquiry, I ask President Amato to find out if, in addition to deductions, he has elements that allow us to return to the conclusions of the judiciary and Parliament, and eventually make them available, so that the government – says the Prime Minister – can take all possible and consequential measures”.

Source: IL Tempo