Ustica, “war in heaven and services”. What Zanda reveals about the massacre

“Cossiga told the magistrates that he learned that the secret services alerted Gaddafi twice. I think these are typical intelligence actions.” In an interview with La Repubblica is Luigi Zanda, who held the position of spokesman for Prime Minister Francesco Cossiga when the DC9 Itavia was shot down on June 27, 1980 during the flight from Bologna to Palermo and fell off Ustica. – Senator of the Democratic Party. In this case, what impressed him the most was “the fact that the recovery of the plane was entrusted to a company linked to the French secret services. There was a huge conflict of interests and, even so, the magistrate continued with the task. Would it be possible that nobody warned him? Admiral Martini did that with Amato. I think it’s a huge thing”, explains Zanda again.

Recalling those times, Zanda points out that “the thesis of the structural failure circulated immediately, and soon after that of the bomb hidden in luggage: both proved to be false, perhaps the result of deviations in orientation”. Wasn’t the missile thesis circulating informally? Cossiga’s former spokesman answers the question as follows: “I remember that in the following days Rino Formica, who was Minister of Transport, told me that the head of the Agency that controlled civil aviation had categorically ruled out structural failure. Furthermore, examination of the radars documented that the DC9 had been surrounded by maneuvers by military aircraft.”

We return, therefore, to the hypothesis of war in the skies between fighters: “It could be. The first person who told me about the missile was Andrea Purgatori, with whom I was a great friend. I informed Cossiga and Cossiga invited me to ask him the source. Purgatori – concludes the Zanda conversation – understandably did not want to reveal it”.

Source: IL Tempo