Reforms, prime minister ready with prerogatives left to Quirinale

Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati, minister of institutional reforms, illustrated the constitutional reform, on which she has been working for months, to the audience of the Ambrosetti Forum, dissecting the characteristics of what the future of Italian politics will be like: “I am oriented towards the direct election of the Prime Minister, and not the President of the Republic, who was in our program, in a system of checks and balances that will never deprive the Head of State of his prerogatives as guarantor of national unity. It is an open proposal but within a perimeter that is based on two objectives . Ensuring the stability of the government and restoring the centrality of the will of the people. Ours – says the exponent of Forza Italia – will be an Italian model. Usually reference is made to existing models, but we want a model that is closer to our sensibility ”.

Casellati is unhinged about the timing, spreading optimism: “I’m optimistic, because after so many years I believe the time for constitutional reform is ripe. Is it a tough makeover? I certainly do, but I don’t mind that something is easy, it has to be worth it. We are truly at an important turning point on the road to reform, which is certainly not a new issue. We have been discussing reforms for 40 years. This – warns the minister, with a message also addressed to the opposition – is not the challenge of the centre-right, it is not the challenge for the implementation of our program, but it is the challenge of our country”.

Source: IL Tempo