Maneuver, Meloni relaunches Italy’s growth: we have to run faster

“The situation is complex to deal with, but the temple of speed also becomes a source of inspiration for us, because we need to run more to make this nation run more.” Meloni resorts to comparison with Formula 1 to cheer up his team. Words that at the same time seem to launch a warning, in the aftermath of the freezing of GDP data and on the eve of the majority meeting, called for Wednesday to gather the priorities for the maneuver. And the path seems impervious, in light of Minister Giorgetti’s caution: “We do not let the State play the role of Sun King”, he said speaking to the public in Cernobbio, announcing a prudent maneuver. How much will be understood precisely with the Nadef numbers, which the technicians are developing. And, Giorgetti said clearly, the first cause for concern is the impact of the Superbonus: a “stomach ache” law that “plasters economic policy leaving little room for other interventions”.

The opposition goes on the attack, believing that the government’s alarm is an “alibi” for “the betrayal of electoral promises”. “President Meloni went to Monza to be inspired, to run further, but what is the measure of the budget law that should make us run?” He challenges the leader of the M5S, Giuseppe Conte, who, in response to accusations about the 110% Superbonus as ballast for public accounts, draws up a list: «With the Pnrr we are accumulating significant delays, in the second half there is -0.4% of GDP, a collapse in production, the situation starts to be disastrous. We had a Ferrari – that’s his summary – we made it grow by 11%, it’s becoming a pedal-assisted bike”. “Internal tensions cannot be discharged in previous governments and in the maneuver – warns the Democratic Party, with the leader of the group in the Chamber, Chiara Braga – We need a budget law that puts money into services and aims to protect the most fragile” . Institutional reforms will run parallel to the maneuver. “The proposal – explains Minister Elisabetta Casellati – has two pillars: guaranteeing the stability of the government and restoring the centrality of the will of the people”, with a Prime Minister renamed “Italian style” and “a system of checks and balances that never emptying the prerogatives of the President of the Republic”. A guarantee that the Democratic Party rejects, fearing a Head of State turned into a “ribbon cutter”. «The direct election of the Prime Minister, whichever way it is carried out – objected the senator dem Dario Parrini – automatically and automatically produces the emptying of the main prerogatives of the President of the Republic, of which two of his fundamental powers, that of dissolution and the appointment of the Prime Minister”.

Source: IL Tempo