European elections, 3% cap hypothesis

Nine months before the European elections, the threshold debate is heating up. And the leader of living Italy, Matteo Renzi, comes out openly with the announcement of his candidacy in Milan with “the brand ‘Il Centrò’”. Bringing the barrier to the June 2024 election date from the current 4% to 3%. There would still not be an agreement, it is just a hypothesis on which the political forces would be reasoning, supported in particular by the smaller parties on both sides and which would not even meet the veto of the Brothers of Italy. “An agreement? It could even be, but I know absolutely nothing about it”, but “I know that there is more than one political force that can welcome this change as a matter of direct interest. Brothers of Italy, which is evidently not affected by this possible modification, it seems to me that there are no impediments in this regard. If there was an agreement, it is possible, but I don’t know anything about it”, confided to LaPresse the leader of the FdI group in the Senate, Lucio Malan. comes from Iv: “Italia Viva will oppose this. The barrier must remain at 4%. When a project is credible, one should not be afraid of the citizens’ vote”. challenge in view of
European. «Italia viva does not leave, but it folds. The congress will take place», he clarified after the announcement at the press conference at the Palazzo delle Stelline, in Milan. The leader of Iv is optimistic. «If ‘Il Centrò get a result that I believe it will be – he assures us – it will be decisive to show the cards. It doesn’t matter to take 41%, much less is enough and we can do that. We want to do it, there is a fascinating political space». According to the former prime minister, “it is a hole to slip into. The question is to give representation to a people». Therefore, he warns: “The European dream is in danger of disappearing. Either we move or it’s over.” In any case, “I hope to get votes for both Forza Italia and the Democratic Party.” However, there will be no deal with Action once the Third Pole idea fades. “Good luck with your candidacy and good luck to ‘Il Centrò whatever it is,” Azione leader Carlo Calenda warmly commented to LaPresse. “I don’t have any kind of hostility towards him, I wanted him to be deputy minister when he was defeated, then ambassador and minister.

Best wishes and good work to Calenda. Don’t want to stay with us? I bet it’s the European one», words of the former prime minister. Those who observe the international context and with a metaphor explain in unequivocal terms: “We need a Europe that is at the table and not on the menu”. And he says he is convinced that “the Ursula majority has no alternative, we would not agree with the ‘Giorgià’ majority”. Reactions to the IV leader’s change are of a different order. «Matteo Renzi’s announcement of his direct commitment to the next elections
The European Union is good news for all those who recognize themselves in the democratic, liberal and reformist forces, in Italy and in Europe», comments Sandro Gozi, MEP from Renew Europe and secretary general of the European Democratic Party. Calmed, however, blue senator Maurizio Gasparri: “Renzi wants a new chameleonic operation destined to fail like the previous ones. He will not reach the quorum in
European Championship, which will mark its end».

Source: IL Tempo