Budget maneuver, Prime Minister Meloni sees the majority. Then Conte’s attack

The next one will have to be a “serious” and “prudent” budget law, because coverage is thin and consequently there is a need to think carefully about what can and cannot be done. The message launched in recent days by the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, and by the Minister of Economy, Giancarlo Giorgetti, will once again be topical the day after tomorrow at the majority meeting convened at the end of the afternoon at Palazzo Chigi. At the table, in addition to the leaders of the House and Senate groups of the parties that support the executive (FdI, Lega, FI, Nm and Udc), will also be deputies Matteo Salvini and Antonio Tajani (returning from the mission in China). According to government sources, it will be an opportunity for normal confrontation to discuss priorities together. A political dynamic that should be normal, point out the same sources, although in the past this was not the case because there were strong tensions between the political forces that constituted the majority and between the parties and the government. Now, however, it is underlined, this climate is not breathing and there is, instead, a great collaboration between the government, the majority and the parties that compose it. Another novelty compared to the past: Meloni invites the majority forces to think in legislative terms, also in the budget. In the past, government sources point out, all budget laws were designed to gather all possible consensus and in the shortest possible time, also leaving economic and financial rubble on the ground. This is the case of the Superbonus, an emblematic measure of the M5 that gives the Minister of the Northern League a “stomach ache”. And not only that, given that the undersecretary in charge of implementing the government program, Giovanbattista Fazzolari, also attacks: «We have to deal with the weight of the superbonus, 36 billion were foreseen in expenses, there are more than 100 and considering the total premiums of construction introduced by the Conte government due we are at more than 140 billion, not counting the many irregularities that have been found ». “As soon as he took office, the government intervened immediately to correct the many distortions of the superbonus – he explains to Tg1 – despite this, 12 billion were registered between fraud and irregularities, so it is necessary to continue on the path of seriousness and firmness”. , the push is returned to the sender by former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, who responds through social networks arguing that “it is a lie to say that it is just a cost for the shoulders of citizens”.

In addition, the pentastellato president also recalls that the opposition to FdI “asked for the extension and extension of the Superbonus”, while the League underlined in 2022 that the measure “created jobs for companies, artisans and workers and value for families”. The Minister of Agriculture, Francesco Lollobrigida, also spoke on the subject at the end of the majority table that took place in the morning in the Chamber to start the discussion on next year’s regional and administrative elections: “What’s new in the superbonus? No, not for now. Giorgetti is the Minister of Economy, he takes care of it brilliantly». “We are going to think of a framework for reducing waste, policies that often put us in conditions of not being productive, such as the RDC for those who can work”, he adds after the meeting, which was also attended by the FI senator, Maurizio Gasparri . “This time we hope to define well in advance all the candidacies of the centre-right coalition”, words of the national manager of Local Authorities of the FI, who looks with interest at the meeting scheduled for Wednesday at Palazzo Chigi which will serve to “start the unravel the skein of the law of stability”. On the other hand, the wishes of the parties have been known for some time, with the Azzurri already working to modify the tax on extra bank profits in the parliamentary debate. Forza Italia is also asking for funds to increase minimum pensions, as well as reduce the tax burden for earnings up to 35 thousand euros and deduct the thirteenth salary and overtime. For Moderate Nodes, parental leave, one-off allowance and deduction for school fees should be increased. The League then pushes for a mini-Quota 41 and calls for funds for major works (in particular the bridge over the Straits), while the FdI is mainly concerned with the birth rate package. In short, a long list of priorities that will be the subject of an in-depth analysis during the meeting, knowing full well that, as Giorgetti anticipated, “not everything can be done”.

Source: IL Tempo