The latest poll that worries Giorgia Meloni: Brothers of Italy fell

Alarm bell for the majority. While Italians’ voting intentions are decreasing in the Brothers of Italy, Lega, Forza Italia, it is seen that the Democratic Party and the 5 Star Movement are slightly on the rise. This is a snapshot of the latest SWG political poll for Enrico Mentana’s La7 Tg (one of the most anticipated polls after a month of summer vacation).

Compared to July 31, foreign direct investments were confirmed as the leading party with 28.2%, with a rate of -1.2%. Minimal differences for other formations. Pd, the second batch with 20.1%, increased by 0.1%, while M5S increased by 0.6% (16.9% by the third party). Lega was down minus 0.3%, while Forza Italia was down 0.8%. Increases are seen for light action (+0.1%) and Verdi and Sinistra (+0.3%).

However, the “mood” of another poll (YouTrend) that was widely relaunched on social media yesterday by the prime minister’s party is very different; Accordingly, Fratelli d’Italia is still well above 31 percent and twelve points ahead of the Pd and M5s.

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Source: Today IT