Chamber refused to file the Petro government’s health reforms

Before the debate the representatives Caroline Arbelaez, of radical change, and Andres Foreroof the Democratic Center, proposed to postpone the debate so that the subcommittee in question is formed first.

“We have submitted requests to several representatives for the postponement of the health reform project,” Arbeláez warned.

However, the postponement proposals were rejected by 96 votes to 25.

In the meantime, the former chairman of the House is a representative David Racero, of the Historical Pact, assured that according to the Act 5 or Act of Congress The subcommittee cannot be integrated until the impediments have been voted on.

“We would be violating the right of a colleague whose situation has not yet been resolved,” he said.

Therefore, the elliptical chamber He continued with the agenda that has health care reform as the first item on the agenda.

Source: El Heraldo