Maneuvering, Meloni dictates the way: he will look at the country, not at the needs of the ministers

The government is working on the maneuver about which there is only one certainty: the blanket is short to be able to satisfy all the requests of the various ministers. This is why Giorgia Meloni wanted to meet last night with the parliamentary groups of the Brothers of Italy at dinner, scheduled for 8.30 pm. While today the Prime Minister will meet with the leaders of the majority groups to take stock of the dossiers that are on the table. Above all, establish the principles of the budget law which, according to the Prime Minister, will have to look at the country’s priorities and not at those of the political forces. A line also shared by the Minister of Defence, Guido Crosetto, who underlined how “the problems of this government are the economic situation and immigration. These are the two big problems the government has to face. But as I mentioned, resources are limited and that is why Crosetto warns “in a moment of crisis, thinking like a family, I pay attention to those who have the most problems. We need to use resources for those most affected by the economic crisis.” To make matters worse, there is also the “ballast” of the superbonus. For this reason, the Minister of Economy and Finance, Giancarlo Giorgetti, warned that “the maneuver will be prudent”.

The undersecretary of the Prime Minister responsible for implementing the government program Giovanbattista Fazzolari underlined: «We have to deal with the weight of the superbonus, 36 billion expenses were foreseen, there are more than 100 and considering the construction bonus complex introduced by the due Conte’s government, we have already exceeded 140 billion, not counting the many irregularities that have been found ». To meet basic needs, EUR 30 billion would be needed, but at least half is currently missing, especially if the deficit lever is not used. If the extra profits tax is approved, the government could count on around 2 to 3 billion. Then there is the review of the expenditure that should already “bear” 300 million euros until 2024, destined to become 500 the following year and 700 from 2026.

One of the main measures is the reduction of the tax burden: most consider the possibility of dividing it into two phases, with an initial extension of six months and then a stabilization. The one-off subsidy and birth support are also intended for confirmation, and a bonus for second children to be financed through savings from the one-off allowance should be introduced. The social bonus should be extended, the deadline is set for September 30th, but the intention would be to include it in the tax decree linked to the maneuver. The issue of pensions is still under discussion. Pending a broader renovation of Palazzo Chigi, it seems that the most credible hypothesis is the extension of Cota 103; also because quota 41 seems onerous. Forza Italia is pushing to raise minimum pensions, a long-standing battle for the Azzurri, who underline the importance of tackling the issue with a long-term approach.

Source: IL Tempo