Euro 5 Block, Minister Pichetto Fratin announces government movement: the decree is ready

«On the blocking of Euro 5 vehicles in Piedmont from September 15th, I am ready for a decree that I will present to the Council of Ministers on Thursday, September 7th. The decree provides for a series of actions to block the provisions of the regional resolution and a resumption of the 2017 agreements, with verification of the state of implementation and the schedule of new interventions from 2024”. This statement was made by Minister Gilberto Pichetto Fratin, Minister of the Environment and Energy Security, on the sidelines of the event organized by Acea and Il Tempo entitled “Water = Development”.

Minister Adolfo Urso had already expressed his views on the same issues «I can announce that based on a discussion already underway, it is likely that as early as next week the blocking of said vehicles can be avoided. The commitment of the government and of Italy with the protection of the environment remains firm in the wake of the agreements with Europe within an organic strategy of measures already partially implemented that allowed to reach significant results in the protection of the quality of the ‘air”. Company and Made in Italy, Adolfo Urso, speaking during the question period in the Chamber on the stoppage of Euro 5 diesel vehicles in Piemonte from the next 15th of September.

“Piedmont is safe from Europe’s Euro 5 ban on diesel vehicles. As we have already announced, the Meloni government will probably allow families and companies in our territories concerned about this inhibition dictated by the extreme environmental policies of Brussels, as early as next week, to avoid blocking Euro 5 vehicles. Thanks to Fratelli d’Italia, we succeeded in reversing this somewhat fanatical and discriminatory rule that did not take into account the specificity of the vehicles used in road transport, the appropriate social and environmental cooperation policies such as encouraging the use of public transport, the effort to renew the car fleet through calls for public participation and the replacement of old energy systems that already exist, and above all for the good results in air quality achieved so far”. Meloni and the Brothers of Italy – they add – keep their commitments and defend the interests of the nation, saving the Italians from measures that are sometimes useful only to destroy entire production chains and jeopardize the savings and investments of companies and limit the freedom of families ».

Source: IL Tempo