Budget maneuver, Meloni compacts most. What are the priorities

A summit to confirm “the unity of the coalition” and prepare to face “a complex year”. A meeting in which the merits of the next budgetary law were not discussed: the numbers are not there yet and for the time being the important thing is to establish a method, a shared path and, above all, to share the priorities which are wages, health, families and pensions. Finally, the reaffirmed will to move forward with autonomy and the reform of the Constitution. This is, in short, the result of the face-to-face meeting at Palazzo Chigi between the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, Deputy Prime Ministers Antonio Tajani and Matteo Salvini and the majority leaders of the House and Senate. According to what was found at the end of the meeting, “the unity of the coalition was reaffirmed, which faced last year brilliantly despite attempts to divide and sabotage”, he reports, and it was underlined that “a complex year is expected that the majority it is willing to face it with determination and seriousness, starting with the Budget law on which the majority parties all agree on the concentration of resources on wages, health, family and pensions, starting with those of young people”. sources then report the majority’s willingness to continue “working on the reforms that are expected of this nation such as fiscal delegation, differentiated autonomy, justice reform and constitutional reform that will be finalized in the coming weeks.” It is not, therefore, a meeting only about the maneuver. But a review of the crucial steps of the government’s action from now until the coming months. As anticipated the day before, the summit serves above all to close ranks, to re-establish the unity of the coalition in the face of the challenges that lie ahead .

In short, a political meeting to start discussions on the budget law, but without going into details yet. In fact, there is no Economy Minister, Giancarlo Giorgetti, whose presence was not foreseen – governmental sources explain – and who will have to take the field when there are definitive numbers: we will have to wait for the estimates, especially at the European level, on the GDP and in the other fundamentals of the economy. Without prejudice to the priorities that filter from above and taken for granted the compression of the Superbonus – but it will be necessary to see in what terms – the wishes of the parties have been known for some time: Forza Italia asks for funds to increase the minimum pensions and the reduction of taxes about overtime and thirteenth. If everyone seems to agree on maintaining the reduction in the tax burden, We Moderates also call for an increase in parental leave, the lump sum allowance and school allowances. The League’s aim remains to confirm quotas 103 and 41, while FdI is mainly interested in the birth rate package. At the end of the meeting in Palazzo Chigi, no one spoke: this too was a sign of unity which, incidentally, had been anticipated in the morning by the words of the deputy prime minister and leader of the Lega Matteo Salvini, who guaranteed full agreement with Meloni: “We will be unanimous, consistent, serious and concrete. We have four abundant years ahead of us and there are projects on pensions, fixed taxes, tax reductions for companies that we are going to take forward in these four years”, with the objective “to put the money that is there – we will see few or many based on macroeconomic data – in the increase of wages and pensions, as well as in the reduction of the tax burden. In total harmony with Giorgia ».

Source: IL Tempo