Bolzano, Ambrosi crushes the controversy over the Frecce tricolori: “Involution”

The Frecce tricolori ended up in the sights of the mayor of Lana. With a view to the next September 25th, when the Air Force aerobatic team will cross the skies of Bolzano, Harald Stauder defined the planned overflight as “an insensitive nationalist act towards the German and Ladin speaking population”. The mayor’s words triggered a flood of reactions and generated controversy. Now, Alessia Ambrosi speaks out on the subject. “Launching a crusade against the Frecce tricolori makes us understand how much the mayor of Lana, Harald Stauder, probably lives on another planet, the planet of sterile and ridiculous polemics, and has probably lost contact with his own reference community,” she said. .

“If he really listened to his own people, he would really realize how much the experience, skill and courage of the Frecce tricolori pilots are also appreciated by many German-speaking citizens of South Tyrol. But not only that, also by the numerous tourists present in our region who sometimes gather specifically for the event”, continued the deputy of the Brothers of Italy. “The myopia and hypocrisy of Stauder’s silence makes us smile when the Frecce tricolori are guests of honor at the World Cup race in South Tyrol a few years ago and fly over the skies of Val Gardena and Alta Badia. working for coexistence, smoothing differences and taking advantage of the many openings present in society. It is a pity that in the vain attempt to persecute German-speaking far-right parties there is a risk of making the whole of society follow a path of involution rather than evolution, ”he added. “I hope the SVP distances itself from this mayor who is so disrespectful of his own fellow citizens and so dangerously extremist,” concluded Ambrosi.

Source: IL Tempo