Paolo Gentiloni rejected by the center right. Why the Democratic Party

The sabotage alarm in Europe, launched by the Meloni government, takes shape. On the horizon is the maneuver and reform of the Stability Pact. And so, after the vice-prime minister of the Northern League, Matteo Salvini, accused Paolo Gentiloni of “playing with the shirt of another national team”, now it is the turn of the other deputy prime minister, the blue Antonio Tajani, who he hopes that “Gentiloni will also work bearing in mind that he is the Italian commissioner and that he has a vision that is not that of the strict countries with regard to the reform of the Stability and Growth Pact”. It should be noted that the only Italian exponent in the EU executive is the person in charge of economic and monetary affairs, Gentiloni himself.

«Strangely Gentiloni never opened his mouth when the PD was in the executive – adds the head of the Lega delegation to the EU Parliament, Marco Zanni – but since Italy governed the center right he has behaved like an exponent of a foreign country with the objective of harming Italy”. In other words, “once again the Democratic Party and its representatives at all levels are working against Italy”. The majority agrees with the FdI. “I agree with the principle that as much the majority, as well as the opposition and third parties, when they are in forums where Italy deserves respect, consideration and sometimes even needs to be defended, they play in Italy’s jersey”, argues Tommaso Foti, leader of the Meloni Party group in the Chamber In essence, it’s not just the expression of a single exponent of the majority, so it’s a political issue.

It is no coincidence that the Democratic Party, governed by Elly Schlein, who is not exactly a member of the EU commissioner’s political current, has exploded. Deputy Debora Serracchiani points the viewer at Tajani. «It is a very modest demonstration that the Minister of Foreign Affairs, former President of the EU Parliament, who follows the vulgar Salvini – responds the former President of the PD – With these departures they are putting Italy and the Prime Minister herself in difficulties in relations with the EU Commission and other European bodies. In view of the new Stability Pact, it is the two deputy prime ministers who are playing against Italy». Dem’s reinforcements come from the leader of the group in the Chamber, Chiara Braga, according to whom «now Meloni has to say what he thinks of Gentiloni knowing that the only real way to weaken our country is to attack its representatives.

Source: IL Tempo