Omnibus, the Piepoli survey reveals the summer effect: who enjoys it more

Summer effect. The latest research from the Piepoli Institute describes a fairly clear-cut situation. This was discussed in the Omnibus episode broadcast on 8 September on La7. In recent weeks, Prime Minister Meloni and his Fratelli d’Italia party have lost a few percentage points in Italian preferences. And who took advantage of it? In this case, the Five Star Movement and its leader Giuseppe Conte. At the top of the ranking of preferences and confidence of Italians in political leaders is always the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni who loses 2% in relation to the survey of the previous week but is far behind the second in the ranking, Giuseppe Conte who gains 2 points and rises to 34%. Third step on the podium for Deputy Prime Minister Antonio Tajani, who remains stable at 29%.

The same applies to political parties. In the research of the Piepol Institute. Fratelli d’Italia loses 0.5% and drops to 29%. The same percentage that Giuseppe Conte’s Five Star Movement gains, which gains 0.5% and rises to 16%. “From July to September there is a political tradition that nothing changes in the polls – guarantees Livio Gigliuto, from the Piepoli Institute – There is a slight decline in the Brothers in Italy, but we need to see if all this will continue in the coming weeks. what is clear is that when the Brothers of Italy fall, the zone of opposition that grows is the Five Star Movement and not the Democratic Party that does not change. It took effect after Schlein’s election, but from then on it has not moved”.

Source: IL Tempo