Share in the company’s profits, Luigi Sbarra launches mobilization

The Cisl signature collection process for the popular initiative law that proposes a more active participation of male and female workers in the choices and profits of companies does not stop. “The CISL mobilization campaign will continue in the coming days with a series of assemblies in the workplaces and initiatives in the territories to indicate the proposals and contents of the bill promoted by the Confederation of Via Po”, announces the general secretary of the CISL, Luís Bar. Trade union initiatives will have an important stage on the 13th and 14th of October with the “Participation Days” in which spaces for dialogue and discussion will be organized in companies and in the main Italian squares. “We want to meet workers, retirees, students, families, involve people inside and outside the perimeter of our Organization, convey the reasons for a “responsibility march” that aims to develop practices and a culture of participation to increase wages and productivity, increase employment and the quality of work, innovation and safety, the skills and resilience of the production system”, adds CISL’s number one.

“An opportunity not only to emancipate and qualify employment, but also to boost labor relations and collective bargaining, enhancing the role of organized society and the world of work in the dynamics of growth and cohesion, as provided for in the Constitution. This approach also leads us to intensify the pressure on the Government with regard to the opening of discussion tables and to call for the urgent start of a discussion between the Executive and the Social Parties on the income policy to combat inflation and the cost of living, supporting wages, salaries and pensions. These weeks’ assemblies and meetings will also be a precious opportunity to relaunch our platform’s priorities and contents in view of the Nadef at the end of September and the new Budget Law”, concludes Sbarra.

Source: IL Tempo