Dl Caivano, Ambrosi hits Saviano: “Criticisms in bad faith”

Alessia Ambrosi, deputy of the Brothers of Italy, silences critics from the left against the rules desired by the government and contained in the Caivano decree. In particular, the honorable center-right addresses the writer and journalist Roberto Saviano: “Faced with a government that, following the tragic, terrible and unacceptable events of Caivano, puts its face, with Prime Minister Meloni to go to and ensures interventions, in view of the appointment of a Commissioner, in view, even more importantly, of concrete measures in the Council of Ministers on the causes of youth discomfort and on the new tools put into practice to put an end to criminal acts , any person in good faith should at least allow the prime minister and the executive to be fully committed and present on the ground. simple common sense rules that the center-left government and the grillini should have already adopted in the past, which was not done”.

“When so-called left-wing intellectuals, when opponents go so far as to criticize Don Maurizio Patriciello for the simple fact of having known Giorgia Meloni, that alone – thunders Ambrosi – makes us understand the truly miserable level of the polemic and the lowest level of such a conceived policy. . We will continue with our heads held high, trying only to research and implement the best solutions for the problems that afflict our nation. Italy needs a radical turnaround, so we don’t have time for small parts, petty speculation and petty shipping policies. As prime minister, we have a woman of her word who takes action and a program to change Italy in terms of the legislature. We will do our best and we will do it – promises the exponent of FdI – until the end”.

Source: IL Tempo