France envies us, Meloni. The bitter discovery of Le Monde: better than Macron

In Italy, Giorgia Meloni intends to win back the “banlieues”. In France, Emmanuel Macron has already lost the battle to transform the rebellious suburbs into a city. Even “Le Monde, the “left-wing” newspaper founded in 1944 by Hubert Beuve-Méry, must surrender to the tests. The Prime Minister of Italy “wants to make the presence of the State felt”, writes Allan Kaval, Caivano’s correspondent. The war against illegality launched from «a remote suburb of Naples is attracting the attention of all of Italy, Parque Verde has come out of oblivion due to the horror of sexual crimes in which the victims are two girls aged 10 and 13» . «In the early hours of Tuesday, September 5th, the return of the State promised by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, writes «Le Monde», took the form of a vast operation carried out by three police departments». Find caches of money, drugs and weapons belonging to Camorra members.

A successful operation that the French newspaper must recognize. The uprising in Paris that followed the murder of Nahel Merzouk, a 17-year-old French-Algerian, by a police officer, was suppressed with difficulty by the Élysée. With batons, attracting a deluge of criticism. Caivano’s victims were smaller, the little rebel from Ville Lumière was smaller. The degradation these children grew up in is similar. The way of dealing with problems is different. So much so that it forced «Le Monde», which has always been critical of center-right Italian governments and has a particular “allergy” to Silvio Berlusconi, to change its tone for the first time.

«The Head of Government took the opportunity to announce to residents that he would do his part with new public structures, teachers and the reconstruction of a sports center», highlights the prestigious Parisian newspaper. Starting from Parco Verde, the village built for the victims of the Irpinia earthquake in 1980, «Giorgia Meloni launched a campaign to cancel the free zones in Italy» and, in fact, bring the State back to the once abandoned suburbs. Macron was not seen doing the same in Nanterre, the suburb of Nahel that has emerged in the shadow of La Defense’s skyscrapers. Giorgia did better than Emmanuel. Honor to the Prime Minister of Italy!

Gone are the days when the newspaper directly targeted another prime minister. «Silvio Berlusconi wants to weaken the State to save himself», was the headline in «Le Monde» on October 10, 2009. Complaining about the fact that «the Knight, who was never definitively convicted despite around twenty trials, is once again preparing to delay so that the facts of which he is accused (corruption, secret funds, tax fraud) expire.” And also: Monsieur Berlusconi “did not hesitate to attack the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano”. This “elderly communist , one of the most respected political personalities in Italy”, just to make it clear which way the scales tip. On December 3, 2010, a new full-page “bombardment”: “Silvio Berlusconi, an unpredictable ally”.

«Upon arriving in Rome, the new American ambassador, David H. Thorne, discovered a political environment where conspiracy supplanted political debate», writes «Le Monde». “Scandals follow one another, leaving little rest for the prime minister.” Repeated attacks from beyond the Alps that the Knight had to endure for years. One more word, one joke (often misunderstood) and so many articles. With Giorgia Meloni the French newspaper appears to have stopped the anti-aircraft fire and placed flowers on the cannons. Praising the method used by Palazzo Chigi to respond to the very serious situation in Parco Verde. Meloni’s operation “was exceptional due to the visibility and size of the forces involved and sent a strong political signal to the country. It has become a national case.” Secular by tradition, «Le Monde» now defends Don Maurizio Patriciello, the «street» priest who invited the Prime Minister to Caivano. The wind has changed!

Source: IL Tempo