Security, Salvini says enough is enough for “forgiveness” to criminal babies

Matteo Salvini closes the first day of the 2023 edition of Itaca. After the introductory greetings from Lega regional advisor Pino Cangemi, former parliamentarian Gianni Sammarco, and the interview with the President of the Lazio Rocca Region, it is the turn of the deputy prime minister and leader of the League. Interviewed by Rai journalist Giuseppe Malara, he focuses on the main points on the agenda. From the economic maneuver, which he is gestating: «We will have to make choices-he says-indicating priorities». And he specifies: «We will have four more years, we are here to stay for the entire mandate assigned to us. When you have 5 years you can plan.” For this year, “the priority is salaries up to 35 thousand euros and increases in lower pensions”. Pay attention, then, also to the latest provision approved by the government, the Caivano decree that received criticism from the left: “A fifteen-year-old today – observes Salvini – is not a fifteen-year-old from 40 years ago, today he has six thousand elements to be informed, evolved, self-aware. Some even talk about reducing the age limit to vote or obtain a driver’s license for 16 years. I believe that if a criminal kills someone with a shot in the back, whether at 50 or at 15, he should be punished in exactly the same way. No more forgiveness, no more benevolence.”

Furthermore, the school issue is also linked to the generational theme. Salvini, on this point, says he agrees “with the Minister of Education, Giuseppe Valditara, when he talks about the importance of reintroducing a conduct grade because you can get a 9 in Italian, mathematics and Latin, but if you go to class and receive bad words or put your hands on a teacher or classmate, you must fail.” And there is yet another topic addressed by Salvini, which has also been much debated in recent weeks. The rule on extra bank profits. «We were not afraid to ask for a contribution to the banks. I consider it a work of social justice that part of these profits go to the less favored. The left has positioned itself in defense of banking interests, I think Berlinguer is turning in his grave.”

This is, therefore, the highlight of an event that saw the arrival, among others, of undersecretary Claudio Durigon, deputy Antonio Angelucci, and regional councilor Simona Baldassarre. «The first day of Itaca 2023 – says Pino Cangemi – ended with great satisfaction. There are many reflections for the present and the future of the country.” Today, second session.

Source: IL Tempo