Pagnoncelli research, the collapse of the Brothers of Italy is only in the dreams of the left

Inflation, migration emergency and budgetary maneuver. These are the main themes that interest Italians and that end up in the analysis carried out by Nando Pagnoncelli and the Ipsos institute for the Corriere della Sera. Looking at the intentions, however, there is no setback for the center-right majority that has been moving away from the left in recent days: compared to July 27, the date of the previous poll, Fratelli d’Italia still remains above the 30%. , reaching 30.2% to be precise, with a deviation of just under 0.2%. The League got 8.1% (-0.3%), Forza Italia grew to 6.6% (+0.6%) and Noi Moderati achieved a return of 1% (-0.2%). Elly Schlein’s Democratic Party remains below the psychological threshold of 20%: the Democrats reach 19.5%, cutting just 0.2%. A negative sign for the Green-Left Alliance and +Europe, which lost 0.4% and 0.5%, falling to 3.7% and 2.2%. The performance of the 5 Star Movement remains stable, going from 16.3% to 16.4%. Finally, looking at the center, Matteo Renzi’s recent protagonism leads to a small growth in Living Italy (+0.3% to 3.3%) to the detriment of Action (-0.4% to 3.5%) . In essence, the center-right loses just 0.1% in total, while the left loses up to 0.7%: there are no signs of change in sight.

Pagnoncelli then focuses on the government, which “continues to highlight a progressive contraction of consensus. If in July for the first time the data showed a very slight prevalence of dissatisfaction, now this trend is accentuated and 47% of voters give him a negative evaluation, against 42% who have positive opinions. Thus, the approval rating fell to 47, while until July the number remained substantially stable. This malaise also has repercussions on the prime minister. This month, for the first time since his inauguration, negative opinions about his work prevail, albeit by a very small margin. Today 44% evaluate your work positively, 46% give a negative opinion. The approval rating, in July 52, is now at 49 – highlights the director of Ipsos about GIorgia Meloni -. At the very least, a clouding of the executive and, in part, of its leadership is evident.” In particular, the number one of the Brothers of Italy must be attentive to the most popular classes and their opinions. Now Nadef and the maneuver become two fundamental elements for the country’s approval.

Source: IL Tempo