Elly Schlein, dismissal bomb in the Democratic Party: “90 employees at home”. More than the minimum wage

We missed the grain of dismissals for Elly Schlein, already dealing with the flight of the party’s most moderate exponents (in Liguria alone 31 exponents left the Dems to join Carlo Calenda’s Action). Around ninety employees of the Democratic Party are at risk of losing their jobs and their future seems sealed, explains Il Giornale which is ironic about the fact that, instead of the minimum wage, workers would need income from the citizen… newspaper heard the outburst of some employees. There are around ninety people receiving redundancy pay from CIG, which will expire at the end of September. “It seems that most of the employees will stay at home”, we read in the background story that reflects the state of mind of people close to Schlein, according to whom there is not much that can be done about a situation “inherited” from previous management.

Well, we will try to relocate workers with expired CIG elsewhere, ensuring incentivized departures. The initially favored hypothesis was the relocation in Parliament, in the House and Senate benches, at the request of workers, among other things. But there is a significant obstacle: “The groups entrusted communication to an external company, Lievito de Francesco Nicodemo, formerly responsible for Matteo Renzi’s social media at Palazzo Chigi”, and therefore there is no space for journalists and communicators and funds, these are tiny. Meanwhile, the party makes it known that no one will be “left behind” and everyone will have a social safety net. A big problem for Schlein, who made the minimum wage and the defense of workers the banner of the Democrats.

Source: IL Tempo