Conte denies the reality of the Superbonus and attacks the government: cowardly campaign

“The government’s campaign is a cowardly campaign to hide its failures.” The president of M5S, Giuseppe Conte, uses these tones in an interview with Corriere della Sera, responding to Giorgia Meloni about the Superbonus, a measure that according to the prime minister created “the biggest accounting catastrophe ever seen”. «There is no hole in the State budget, rather – emphasizes the former Prime Minister – there is one in Italians’ wallets due to the high cost of living and Meloni is a spectator. The enemy then becomes the Superbonus, which was decisive in increasing GDP by 11% in two years and creating a million jobs. The same parties in this majority have promoted extensions and extensions of this instrument.”

Regarding the repression of youth crime intended by the government, Conte uses this argument to attack the executive again: «I have been to Caivano several times with the lights off, when Don Praticello was alone. Social difficulties are responded to with services and decent work to remove mafia workers. Citizenship income also served this purpose. The repression of serious behavior by minors becomes useless if the government starves the citizens of the suburbs, giving rise to illegality and marginalization.”

Source: IL Tempo