G20, Meloni challenges Putin and denounces Russian blackmail over energy

A leader’s speech. Authentic, without many frills, straight to the heart of the problems. The Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, in her speech at the first session of the G20, dedicated to climate, environment, energy and sustainable development entitled One Earth, explored many themes. Like a true statesman. “The climate-energy nexus is increasingly important at a time when the world continues to face the cascading effects of the crisis triggered by Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine and Moscow’s use of energy supplies as a weapon of blackmail” . At the same time, according to the leader of the Brothers of Italy, it is necessary to avoid “excessively radical or asymmetrical approaches that could cause dangerous imbalances. In the ecological transition and the energy transition in which we are all involved, in different ways – he states – too radical or too asymmetrical approaches between States, especially among the most industrialized ones, would end up not guaranteeing effective solutions to our problems, and at the same time, could cause dangerous imbalances in relations between Nations and within Nations themselves.”

Meloni, later, also dealt with migrations. “Italy will allocate more than 70% of its Italian Climate Fund to Africa. This means 3 billion euros over the next 5 years, equally allocated to mitigation and adaptation initiatives. A commitment initiated with the conference on migration and development, which Italy convened in July and which aims to build a new model of international relations on an equal basis, to create development, but also encourage legal migration paths and combat powerful criminal trafficking networks illegal immigration traffickers, who exploit desperation to enrich themselves. Italy aspires to become a bridge between Europe and Africa to promote mutually beneficial partnerships, rejecting an assertive or paternalistic approach, to support the energy security of African and Mediterranean nations and reinforce green energy exports.” The Prime Minister recalled even though “the Italian government is working to bring to life a broad cooperation and development plan named after a great Italian, Enrico Mattei, founder of Eni”.

Source: IL Tempo